We give a Child a Future!

We sponsor High School education  for gifted and motivated colored and black South Africans. Their parents are "previously  disadvantaged" and financially in need. (Apartheid Politic 1942-1992)


We invite you. Join us

Butzi and Paul Spiering
The Spierings Foundation, Friends and Partners. Europe-USA-SA

Our friends are helping  us. They take over a sponsorship. (see Sponsors) Or they are Directors of the Support Team in Cape Town (see below) 

Professors  and Mentors of local Universities, Principals, Officials of the local Education Department, guardian-teachers  are Directors of our Support Team in Cape Town.


What makes this project so special?

The Spierings Foundation is paying for the aministrative expenses. Therefore, 100 % of all donations are used  for the education of our CAPE EINSTEINS! Founders themselves get involved. They assure that the project is organized and running  efficiently.




 "50 Cape Einsteins"

(A Private Educational Initiative)


We call them "Cape Einsteins" because they live in the Cape Town area near the "Cape of the good Hope" and their role model is Einstein.

Winners through

The Foundation selects every year 50 most talented and motivated disadvantaged lerners to visit one of our 10 partnering  High Schools in and around Cape Town. With our support  they will become doctors, engineers, computer specialists, entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. Later, they will help others find their way out of poverty and hopelessness. During Apartheid (1948-1992) higher education was a privilege of white people only. Therefore, most of the parents of our "Cape Einsteins" are day-laborers or jobless. They are in need.


The Cape Einsteins Team

of Overberg  High School with principal E.Laobouchange and guardian teacher Sonica Louw


44 Members of our Support Team

received a "Certificate of Merit" for outstanding support of our Cape Einsteins.


Sponsors visiting their  Cape Einsteins

at their High School near Stellenbosch SA.  They travel from USA, Europe and South Africa


How did it all begin?

The Founders wanted to give back a little of the blessings and fortune they experienced in their personal and business life. They decided to  give disadvantaged kids a future through education. They promised to get involved with organizing and controlling the project themselves. And they wanted to start activities in South Africa, because millions of people are still disadvantaged just because their skin is not white. (Apartheid policy 1948-1994).