Foundation's Policy, Rules and Dates

1.The Foundation's Vision is to support "gifted children" in need to visit a High School and to matriculate with Bachelors Pass plus at least 2 distinctions and to be well prepared for further tertiary education.

2. A ‘GIFTED CHILD'  must  have a good attitude, be well behaved, must be academically talented, and be able to obtain good results in most major subjects which should be preferably atteined in grade 9 or 10 when its first application will be presented.

A ‘CHILD IN NEED’ must be financially in need, must come from a disadvantaged background, has no, or very little, financial support for education from their family or others.

4a. Sponsorship Applications must
be e-mailed by the Principal of a High School. to The Spierings Foundation before 31.1. for up to 5 talented learners.(
Please use the Foundation's "Application Form"  and enclose the learner's photo, if possible.  

4b. Successful applicants will be named "Cape Einsteins" and will also be members of the "Club Cape Einsteins"  once identified  by Foundation's Talent Committee (TC) members

4c. Sponsorship will be granted for one school year only after which the sponsorship needs to be reapplied for.

4d. Reapplications are possible by e-mailing the "PPR" to the Foundation ( before 31.1. each year.

4e. Principals must nominate GUARDIANS for each supported learner, preferably a school teacher (computer literate), who is best for supporting child's success.

5a. Funds cannot be used for school fees, school books and school uniforms.

5b. Funds may only be used for additional academicals  to support the awarded learner to better their grades.

In exceptional cases, funds (up to 30%) can be used for extra mural studies (Art, Music, Sport) but only if it is necessary for the success of the learner’s  future career path.

5c. Funds can also be used for pocket money (max. R 25 per month) and to reimburse guardian's for expenses paid for supporting Cape Einsteins (SMS, transportation -R 3 per km)

5d. Funds must be used  wisely and divided fairly amongst awarded learners in accordance with their individual needs, enabling them to finish high school with best possible results. Principal makes final decisions in a team with guardian, Foundation's TCM and the awarded learner.

5e. Funds, not needed in this period, can be transferred into next period. Avoid "budget thinking"!

5g. Funds will be paid into a school-account exclusively in favor of the awarded learners: 50% March+ 50% August, after receiving "PPR". 

6. "PPR" Principal's Progress Reports, which includes the Financial Report, must be e-mailed before 15.7. and 31.1.

7. Members of the "Support Team" are Foundation's Talent Committee Members (TCM), Principals and Guardians of participating High Schools and others who are volunteering to support the Cape Einsteins