Membership Application: Cape Einsteins Club
for a new, academically talented and highly committed, previously disadvantaged high school learner in need.

To be sent before 31.1.2013 to
Fill out in full!, mark/copy/paste in e-mail + send by e-mail to the President of Cape Einsteins Club at The Spierings Foundation

Club Rules: Applicants must be capable and willing to try finnishing high school with a bachelors degree plus at least 2 distinctions. 


1. Principal's and guardian's name? Phone? E-mail address?:

2. Learner's Name?
Birthday? Grade?
E-mail address? Phone? School? Guardian + e-mail?

3. a Why considered "academically talented and committed"? Guardians comments: Personality? Achievements plus results of at least 4 major subjects? Behavior?  Plans?

3 b Please also enclose separate application  (personally to be provided by applicant, no form required,
plus a picture, explaining his/her view of being "academically talented, in need and committed"
4.Why considered " financially in need"? Explain in full: Family background, situation and income? Other support available?

Foundation's Policy, Rules, Dates: 
se f
unds for academically success only!
In exceptional cases, use
funds (up to 30%) for extra mural studies (Art, Music, Sport) but only if it is necessary for the success of future career path.
Funds also for Guardian's expenses for transporting AL. Use Funds wisely and divide it fair amongst awarded learners in accordance with their individual needs, enabling them to finish high school with best possible results. Principal makes final decisions in a team with guardian, Foundation's TCM, and the Little Einsteins. Funds, if not needed, can be transferred into next period. Avoid "budget thinking"!

Foundation's Vision is to sponsor talented, academically gifted learners to finish high school education with best possible results in order to be well prepared for tertiary education.
2. Learners must be academically gifted with a good attitude and behaviour, in need, preferably-of a younger grade at high school, must have a disadvantaged background.
4. In need is a child
that neither the family nor anyone else takes care of its best possible education.
5. Sponsorship
will be granted for one school year.
6. Funds can not be used for school fees, school books and -uniforms.
Funds will be paid into a school-account
exclusively in favour of the awarded learner:
50% March+ 50% August, after receiving "PPR". 
6. Applications for Sponsorship
to be e-mailed before 31.1.12. by the Principal of a High School for up to 5 talented, learners, using Foundation's "Application Form" .Please enclose learners photo if possible.    Reapplication is possible by e-mailing "PPR" before
31.1. for the current school year.
7. "PPR" Principal's Progress Reports
/financial report must be e-mailed before 15.7. and
8. Principal must nominate a GUARDIAN
(computer literate) for each supported learner, preferably a school teacher who is best for developing the child's gift/talent).
9. Foundation's Talent Committee Members (TCM) will identify successful applicants,  will hand over the
and will assist principals, guardians and awarded learners to achieve the goals.

By sending this application the principal confirms that above information may be published  on Foundation´s website with parent's agreement